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The UK has never made any secret of its perceived differences with the rest of Europe, and no more so than in the past few years. But regardless of current affairs in the political scene, have made it clear that it is still possible to Interrail UK wide using an Interrail UK Pass and experience all of the wonderful places and landmarks that the UK has to offer.

With that cleared up, let’s take a look at some of the Interrail Great Britain One Country Passes that are available from the official vendors of Interrail Passes.

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3 Days Pass 

Travel on 3 days within a period of 1month

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4 Days Pass 

Travel on 4 days within a period of 1 month

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€ 129

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€ 199

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6 Days Pass 

Travel on 8 days within a period of 1 month

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Youth (12-27)

€ 193

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€ 259

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€ 233

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Children age 4-11 travel free

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8 Days Pass 

Travel on 8 days within a period of 1 month

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Youth (12-27)

€ 226

Adult (28-59)

€ 300

Senior (60 & Over)

€ 270

Family (2 Adults)

Children age 4-11 travel free

€ 600

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Get Your Interrail UK Pass

On this page, the term ‘Interrail UK Pass’ is used to describe any kind of Interrail Pass that would permit you to travel within the UK. These are:

  • Interrail Great Britain One Country Pass
  • Interrail Global Pass

Buying your Interrail UK Pass from the official vendors that we are partnered is always the safest option. Although an Interrail UK Pass is cheap, you certainly don’t want lose money. Remember, if you are ever tempted to get your ticket from an unofficial vendor:

If an offer looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Buy cheap, buy twice!

Choose your ticket here on Interrail-Journey, and we will take you straight to Interrail/Eurail to make your purchase safely and securely.

Interrail UK Reservations

In order to actually purchase your  Interrail Great Britain One Country Pass (Interrail UK Pass for short), just take your pick from one of the Passes we have displayed above – all Interrail UK prices should be clearly displayed. Click on the one you need and we’ll take you straight to the official vendor of Interrail tickets where you can make your reservation. The whole process should take around 10 minutes.

These passes are ideal if you are only intending to explore the UK, or if you are spending a long time there. However, if you are intending to spend a week in the UK and then move onto some other European countries, and Interrail Global Pass might be more suitable for you.

Bear in mind that the Interrail UK Pass can only be bought if you are a citizen or resident of Europe. If you are neither, then you can get an Eurail Pass instead. Read on to find out more – there are some crucial differences between Interrail and Eurail where the UK is concerned.

Interrail UK Pass Deals and Offers

You can stay up to date with all Interrail UK related deals and discounts, without doing any of the legwork! Thanks to our partnership with the official vendor of Interrail Passes, we are always one of the first to hear when there’s a discount coming. Let us know your name and email, and we will pass on details of any special offers as we get them!

This is ideal for someone who isn’t quite ready to take the plunge, but could be tempted into it by a good deal!

Eurail UK – Can I use my Eurail Pass in the UK?

If you are unable to Interrail UK due to being born or residing outside Europe, you may wish to explore Great Britain using an Eurail Pass. If this is the case, we have good news and bad news.

The good news:

You can use your Eurail Pass to travel from mainland Europe to London via the Eurostar free of charge (+ mandatory reservation fee). So for example,  you can take a quick train journey from Brussels or Lille and enjoy the vista of touristic delight that London offers!

The bad news:

There is no way to travel within the UK on an Eurail Pass. If you wish to do this, there are Passes from other providers that you can supplement your Eurail Pass with.

So basically, Eurail UK isn’t exactly a thing – BUT you can still visit the UK as part of your Eurail trip!

5 great reasons to Interrail UK

The UK is a truly fascinating place, culturally, aesthetically and in terms of entertainment value. In London alone, an Interrail UK traveller could spend weeks and weeks exploring and still only scratch the surface of what UK’s charismatic capital has to offer. But the UK is so much more than London – as you will find out! Here’s five things in the UK that we think you’ll particularly love.


The colour green is everywhere in the UK. From the gorgeous rolling hills of Cornwall, to the vast expanses of farmland in Norfolk, even to the flawlessly well-manicured public parks nestled in city centers – you are never too far from some grass and trees. In Spring and Summer, these green areas really come into their own and make the place look like a beautiful utopia of environmentalism and wildlife.


Ah, the Great British pub – that stalwart of the UK drinking scene that embodies so much of Britain’s culture and provides a place for its people to meet, drink, chat, and watch football somewhere warm and dry. If there is one thing that can be found almost anywhere in the UK, it is the humble pub – whether you’re on the streets of Camden in London, or in the most far-flung part of the countryside. Aside from their typically cosy interiors and drink selections, British ‘pub grub’ is a surprisingly tasty and filling cuisine, and usually great value for money. Just ask for the beer and burger!


British people are really quite nice, in their own way. Whatever you may hear in the news, and regardless of the current political climate, 99% of British people that you meet will be helpful, polite and friendly. They’re always happy to point you in the right direction or partake in a discussion – in the right place of course! One of the aforementioned pubs is a good place to get chatting, the London Underground however is typically not, unless you are blessed with an extraordinary amount of charisma. Not talking on the Tube is one of the great many quirks that make British people British; along with over-thanking at the checkout till, and talking about the weather.


As the inventors of football (or soccer, depending on where you’re from), UK residents are suitably passionate about their national sport. The majority of decent-sized towns or cities has a football team that you can go along and watch. Although this can be pricey if you go to watch a team that plays in the Premier League, you can still watch a great game of sport by going to watch a lower-level team, and you may find the atmosphere more authentic too.

If that all sounds a bit much, then you can always find a local pub that’s showing the game, allowing you to enjoy it in comfort, with a drink in hand. If you want to play, head over to and find yourself a game!


The UK is a fantastic cocktail of different cultures, languages, types of city and scenery, and you’ll want to soak up every drop! Each region has its own unique identity, some even coming with their own dialects of English (or at least, very strong accents!). Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all countries in their own right, along with England, and definitely warrant a visit when you make your Interrail UK adventure.

With Interrail, UK and the rest of Europe is easily accessible!

Accessing the vast number of sights and experiences that an Interrail UK journey has to offer couldn’t be easier! Interrail UK, France, Italy, Spain, and almost anywhere else in Europe you would like, with just a single rail pass.

You may wish to begin or end your Interrail Journey in the UK, even if you aren’t resident there. If that is the case, you can find the best flights via Skyscanner, using the widget below.

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Interrail UK – what to do, where to go?

You can get the maximum experience from your Interrai UK trip, by doing a little bit of forward planning on what you want to see and do. While we recommend planning ahead, we recommend that you don’t lose sight of the value that flexibility holds while on your trip. You simply never know when you’re going to have your next great idea, or if you’ll meet someone who invites you to join them on their journey.

In any case, here is our top 5 places to see and things to do while you’re in the UK – feel free to use them, or add your own in the comments!


A bit obvious maybe, but for us, an Interrail UK trip isn’t complete without at least a brief stay in the English capital. There is simply so much to see, and it doesn’t even need to cost much! You can head into high-class Kensington and visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, with it’s lovely tea garden, as well as the superb Natural History Museum, which is full to the brim with fascinating natural wonders – most notably the giant dinosaur skeleton in the entrance! Best of all, entrance to most museums in London is FREE.

After that, pick a place to have lunch then grab a Tube to see Buckingham Palace and wander through Hyde Park. From there, walk to Embankment and take some classic tourist shots with the London Eye. If you can afford it, see a theatre show in the evening, but if not – a bit of exploration will usually yield a bar with some live music to enjoy your evening with.

Fort William to Mallaig

Departing from The Big Smoke, and moving on up to Scotland, we have this Interrail UK route which takes you deep into the heartland and rewards you with some truly unforgettable sights. Fort William is on the West Highland Line, and can be accessed by taking a sleeper train from London.

The train to Mallaig runs four times a day (once on Sundays), and takes about 90 minutes. Once you get to Mallaig, you can get a ferry to one of the Scottish islands nearby, such as the Isle of Skye.


Back down towards the South-East of England, and approximately 20km from Great Yarmouth on the East coast, is Norwich. Self-proclaimed on its welcome signs as ‘A Fine City’, Norwich has been a great example on how to run a city that isn’t overcrowded or overdeveloped. That said, the two main high streets are always buzzing with activity, one of which plays host to a market every day of the week, except Sunday. Here you’ll find an eclectic range of produce, from the standard fruit and veg, DVD stalls, and fish ‘n’ chips, to the Oriental store owned and run by a lovely Cambodian lady, which is bursting with all kinds of Asian food and snacks.

Norwich also has a successful professional football club, with a stadium that can hold over 25,000 supporters – if you’re there on a gameday, expect it to be busy, and grab a ticket if you can! The stadium sits on a more developed area of the city which the locals call the ‘Riverside’ – this area is popular in the evenings as it is home to a number of restaurants, bars and clubs, as well as a cinema. The live music scene in Norwich is fantastic, with many up and coming bands playing at numerous venues throughout the city with regularity.


Heading down now to the very South-West of the UK, we have Cornwall. Famously beautiful, with incredible rolling hillsides and some of the most exquisite beaches that you will find in the UK. Interrail UK travellers who are also fans of surfing will find themselves very much at home here, Cornwall gets some of the best tidal action in the UK.


Something of a student town, tucked away in the South of England, Southampton is a great place to go for a party. For an almost guaranteed great night out, check out a pub called ‘The Hobbit’ – so named for its Tolkien theme and lavishly decorated with murals and paintings of characters from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Not only that, but they have a long and strong cocktail menu, each one named after a famous character from the trilogy. Manage to drink one of each, and they’ll reward you with the final cocktail; The Nazgul. And a free t-shirt to remember your evening.

From there, head to Jesters – maybe the best worst nightclub in the UK. The floor is sticky and uneven, the stairs are narrow, the rooms are packed, but no-one cares. Everyone is there for a good time, aided and abetted by the Jesters signature cocktail – a violently pink drink in a pint glass containing enough alcohol to have you belting out cheesy tunes in no time!

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Interrail and Eurail UK Map and Planner

When your Pass arrives in the post, it will be part of a package which also contains a map for your convenience. Until then, you can use this Interrail and Eurail UK map to help you understand where everything is and how they are connected by the vast train network in the UK.

If you are at the planning stage, and are finding it all a bit overwhelming and confusing, don’t give up! We’ve been there, it’s hard, we get it. That’s why we recommend this tool: – it takes a list of all the places you want to go and creates you a perfect itinerary. That makes it much easier to figure out which Interrail Pass or Eurail Pass you need to get.

Recommended Interrail UK Route

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to plan your Interrail UK trip, but also don’t want to go into it completely blind, we’ve got your back. Here is one very simple itinerary we just cooked up. You can take it as it is, add to it, or make up your own – it’s your journey after all!

Get yourself an Interrail Great Britain One Country Pass allowing you to travel on 4 days within a period of 1 month and hit these locations.

London > Cambridge > Peak District> Edinburgh

London: Needs no introduction! Book your hotel or hostel.

Cambridge: Beautifully quaint university town with huge parks and great history. Book your hotel or hostel.

Lake District: Gorgeous natural beauty abound in this preservation area. Book your hotel or hostel.

Edinburgh: Scotland’s capital city exudes energy and a certain mythical charm. Book your hotel or hostel.


Interrail UK – best places to stay

Find yourself some hostels and hotels to stay at while you are on your Interrail UK journey! Bear in mind that you may be able to pay on arrival instead of in advance, which will protect you in case your plans suddenly change.

Don’t want to carry loads of cash on you? Try one of these excellent cards, which allow you to spend a prepaid amount in multiple currencies:

Hostels for Interrail UK travellers

Hostels are great for meeting people and having a low-cost but safe place to lay your head after a heavy day of sightseeing and activities.

Our partners at Hostelworld are offering Interrail-Journey readers the very lowest prices on hostel stays all around Europe – check out some of the places and their reviews here:

Hotels for Interrail UK travellers

Hotels are ideal for those who need a bit more personal space, such as couples or friends travelling together.

Get a great deal on your hotels from our partners at, right here:

Interrail UK Photo Gallery

Here are some of the best photographs people have been kind enough to share from their previous Interrail UK trips.

If you have photos to share, we’re open to considering them for display on this page – just email us to start a conversation!

Conversely, if you see your photo here and want it taken down, just let us know.


Interrail UK FAQ

Whichever Interrail UK guide you read, there will always be unanswered questions. If you feel that there is anything missing from this guide or the FAQ below, let us know in the comments or send an email!

What to bring on my Interrail UK trip?

The official Interrail website lists the following as necessary items to bring with you on your trip:

  • First Aid kit
  • Photocopies of important documents
  • Spare credit card
  • Padlock
  • Torch
  • Driving licence
  • Money belt
  • Universal adaptor
  • Alarm clock
  • Phrase book
  • Small speakers
  • Waterproof jacket / poncho
  • Backpack rain cover
  • Plasters
  • Playing cards
  • Bottle opener
  • Hiking boots
  • Swimming goggles
  • Wet wipes
  • Resealable bags

And of course, you will need a backpack to carry everything – lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to review the best Interrail backpack options out there.

Is it safe?

The UK is a very safe place to visit. Just make sure you follow standard common sense advice that you would follow anywhere else, such as making sure you aren’t alone at night and keeping valuables safely stored in your bag (while keeping your bag safely on your back).

You can get more detailed advice from our Interrail safety guide.

Interrail & Brexit - what’s the deal?

It was publicly announced on the Interrail website on 24 June 2016 that Brexit will not affect the Interrail Pass, and there is still no reason to believe otherwise. After the UK has fully withdrawn from the EU there might be a few more complications with visas, but things are not likely to change drastically, and certainly not in the near future.

Interrail UK – get your Pass today!

The UK is a wonderful place, with a rich and diverse spectrum of things to see and do, as well as great history and culture. It is most certainly a worthy destination for any Interrail journey.

The sooner you make the purchase, the sooner your journey can begin – what are you waiting for? The UK, and the rest of Europe, awaits.

Good luck!

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