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To potential travellers like yourself, Germany has a lot to offer. Boasting several visit-worthy cities, such as Munich, Hamburg, and of course Berlin, Interrail Germany is a great choice if you like to explore more urban areas.

But there’s more to the Interrail Germany route than just its cities; it also has coastline to visit, forested and mountainous areas and beautiful river valleys to reward those who stray from the beaten path.

What is more, Germany is incredibly easy to fit into your Interrail journey, as it shares borders with 9 other European countries! The Interrail Global Pass is ideal for making the most of this, but if you’re staying in Germany, here are the Interrail Germany single country Pass options.

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Get Your Interrail Germany Pass

On this page, the term ‘Interrail Germany Pass’ is used to describe any kind of Interrail Pass that would permit you to travel within Germany. These are:

  • Interrail Germany One Country Pass
  • Interrail Global Pass

Similarly, when we refer to a ‘Eurail Germany Pass’, this could mean:

  • Eurail Global Pass
  • Eurail-approved German Rail Pass

Buying your Interrail or Eurail Germany Pass from official vendors such as those that we are partnered with is the smartest choice. Interrail Germany Pass isn’t necessarily very expensive, but the last thing you need is to lose money to a ticket tout, or worse, find out your Pass isn’t valid on the day of travel!

Choose your Eurail or Interrail Germany Pass here on Interrail-Journey, and we will take you straight to Interrail or Eurail to make your purchase safely and securely.

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5 Great Reasons to Interrail Germany

Germany is the home of beautiful, varied landscapes, fascinating, bustling cities, and fantastic people. Regularly cited by those who Interrail Germany as one of the favourite destinations of their trip, and bordered by multiple countries, this country is definitely worthy of a place on your Interrail itinerary. If you don’t believe us, here are five great reasons why!


Germany is full of fantastic and diverse cities, spanning the entire width and breadth of the country. Visit capital city Berlin, the impressive port town of Hamburg and easy-going Freiburg with its abundant sunshine and cultural history.

If you have time to spare on your Interrail Germany trip, you can also pay visits to Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, and more. Each city has plenty to offer in terms of tourism, with interesting history and architecture abound.


If there is one thing Germany is truly well known for around the world, it is their fantastic taste in beer. While you use your Interrail or Eurail Germany Pass to navigate this European behemoth of a country, you will likely find yourself coming across a vast array of different alcoholic beverages – beers being prominent among them. Many regions will have their own specialities in this regard too.

Grab a Stein (a glass tankard capable of holding two pints of your preferred booze) and guzzle some down with locals and fellow travellers alike. As well as the beers, look out for the classic party drink Jägermeister, which has its origins in the German town of Wolfenbüttel.


The country is ideally located for anyone looking to travel in Europe, which is why so many people choose to visit. Many get a specific Eurail or Interrail Germany Pass, in order to travel and experience as much as possible of what Germany can offer, before leaving to travel other parts of Europe with an Interrail Global Pass.

Because Germany has borders with nine other European countries, including France, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Switzerland, it is very simple to include it in your itinerary.


The classic German stereotype is that they are a very efficient people. On the football (or soccer) pitch, this translates to perfectly executed penalty kicks ruthlessly driven home in extremely high pressure circumstances.

When it comes to your Interrail or Eurail Germany trip, this translates to a public transport system that runs regularly, quickly and on time, to the places you want to go, with minimal fuss. Quite simply, it gets the job done. Naturally, the vast majority of train journeys will be covered by your Interrail or Eurail Pass, along with several buses and even ferries (some may require a reservation fee).


Germany is a country with a deeply interesting, although sometimes mournful history – particularly when it comes to the two worldwide conflicts which took place in the first half of the 20th century. Head over to Nuremburg to see the place which was once used for so many of Adolf Hitler’s rallies, and then later on, for the Nuremburg Trials in which many Nazis were held to account for their actions.

You may also enjoy to walk the line which shows where the Berlin Wall used to be, when it was dividing East and West Germany. Although most of it is now gone, a small part of around 2km remains as a symbol of the victory of freedom against oppression.

With Interrail, Germany and Europe are easily accessible!

Germany is home to a number of large international airports, which means it is an easy place to begin or end your Interrail Journey.

If that is what you’d like to do, you can find the best flights via Skyscanner, using the free tool below.

[flights comparison coming soon!]

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Interrail / Eurail Germany – what to do, where to go?

Whilst we are strong advocates of the spontaneous approach when it comes to your Eurail or Interrail Germany route planning, thinking ahead a little never hurt anyone!

To that end, here is our top 5 list of places to see and things to do on your Interrail or Eurail Germany trip – feel free to use them, or add your own in the comments!

Rhine Valley Scenery

A very popular route with Interrail Germany travellers, taking the Rhine Valley Scenic Train from Mainz or Koblenz to Cologne is every bit the quintessential Interrail experience.

Along the journey to Cologne you are treated to one amazing view after the other, including seemingly endless vineyards, and the impossibly blue water of Western Europe’s longest river. And best of all, you can enjoy it all with a refreshingly crisp glass of the local Riesling white wine.


If you’ve always wanted to see what a Disney-style palace would look like in real life, Neuschwanstein definitely deserves a place on your Interrail Germany route.

Ludwig II’s audaciously grandiose creation, built out of his own personal fortune, was literally the inspiration behind the design of a great many Disney castles and palaces that came after it.

It is hardly surprising that this is one of the most impressive castles Germany has to offer. To get there take a regional train from Munich to Füssen, whereupon you can take a bus to the castle grounds.

Try Cologne’s Three Liquids

First of all, hit one of the local bars in Cologne and get yourself a pint of Kölsch. And then another, and another. Your waiter or waitress will mark the number of pints you have had on your coaster, and continue bringing you refills until you eventually cover your glass with your it.

After that you’ll probably be craving some food, but we recommend that you save your visit to the chocolate museum for the next day (have a bratwurst instead, much more filling). Once at the museum enjoy the sheer decadence of being served liquid chocolate, before picking up some eau de Cologne (produced since 1972), which should help to mask some of the gluttony shame.

Black Forest

Definitely one for the more outdoorsy-types, this immaculate woodland stretches all the way from the South-West border Germany shares with France, to Germany’s meeting point with Austria, Lake Bodensee. Perfect for walking around and just enjoying the peace of nature, or for more advanced hiking if you’re in the mood for it.

If you’re not, then simply find a picturesque spot to enjoy some of the famous Black Forest Gateau which takes its name from the place before enjoying some beautiful scenery on the Black Forest rail route between Offenburg and Konstanz.


There’s a lot more to Berlin than a wall that is no longer there. As well as its obviously fascinating history, Berlin has one of the most vibrant art and culture scenes you’ll find anywhere.

There’s a little hipster in all of us, and that is the part that will love Berlin, because of its penchant for street art, little boutique record shops, cafés and fashion outlets, as well as fantastic nightclubs and naturally, museums. Germany’s capital is definitely worthy of a spot on your Interrail Germany itinerary.

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Eurail and Interrail Germany Map

When your Interrail Germany Pass arrives in the post, you will also receive a detailed Interrail Map to guide you. Until then, here is an Interrail Germany route map which is a good start.

If you are stuck at the planning stage, try using – it creates your perfect itinerary from a list of all the places you want to go.

Interrail Germany – best places to stay

When you’re on your Interrail or Eurail Germany trip, you will need somewhere nice to lay your head. Here’s some places where you can do just that, brought to you by our readers, as well as our partners at

Reader Recommendations

We want to hear about the best places you stayed while you were on your Interrail Germany trip – bonus points if they’re a little off the beaten track! Share the love and give us a recommendation – get in touch or add yours in the comments section!

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Hostels for Interrail and Eurail Germany Travellers

Hostels are great because:

a) they are incredibly cheap, and

b) they are normally full of other people who are also travelling that you can share experiences with.

Check out some hostels and their reviews here, thanks to our partners at Hostelworld.

[hostels coming soon!]

Hotels for Interrail and Eurail Germany Travellers

Hotels are ideal for those who need a bit more personal space, such as couples or friends travelling together.

After a day of exploring in a foreign country, there’s nothing quite like a freshly made hotel bed.

Get a great deal on your hotels from our partners at, right here:

Recommended Interrail Germany Route

Here’s an Interrail Germany Route which is recommended on the Eurail website – it is also an Eurail schedule Germany travellers from outside Europe can use. Get yourself an Interrail Germany Single Country Pass and hit these locations:

Frankfurt > Cologne > Berlin > Dresden > Munich

Frankfurt: The financial capital of Europe, with great architecture, shopping, and even an inner-city forest! Book your hotel or hostel.

Cologne: Museums, galleries, and incredible buildings offering fantastic views over the Rhine. Book your hotel or hostel.

Berlin: History, culture, and nightlife abound. Book your hotel or hostel.

Dresden: Visit the Semper Opera, an opera house, concert hall, and ballet stage, all in one. Book your hotel or hostel.

Munich: Beer, history and more beer! Book your hotel or hostel.

Pass Suggestions

  • Interrail Germany Pass 6 days 1 month
  • Eurail Benelux-Germany Pass
  • Interrail Global Pass unlimited 1 month


The financial capital of Europe, with great architecture, shopping, and even an inner-city forest! Book your hotel or hostel.


Museums, galleries, and incredible buildings offering fantastic views over the Rhine. Book your hotel or hostel.


History, culture, and nightlife abound. Book your hotel or hostel.


Visit the Semper Opera, an opera house, concert hall, and ballet stage, all in one. Book your hotel or hostel.


Beer, history and more beer! Book your hotel or hostel.

Interrail Germany, Eurail Germany Photo Gallery

Here are some of the best photographs people have been kind enough to share from their previous Interrail Germany trips.

If you have photos to share, we’re open to considering them for display on this page – just email us to start a conversation!

Conversely, if you see your photo here and want it taken down, just let us know.

Interrail Germany FAQ

Whichever Interrail or Eurail Germany guide you read, there will always be unanswered questions. If you feel that there is anything missing from this guide or the FAQ below, let us know in the comments or send an email!

What to bring on my Interrail Germany trip?

The official Interrail website lists the following as necessary items to bring with you on your trip:

  • First Aid kit
  • Photocopies of important documents
  • Spare credit card
  • Padlock
  • Torch
  • Driving licence
  • Money belt
  • Universal adaptor
  • Alarm clock
  • Phrase book
  • Small speakers
  • Waterproof jacket / poncho
  • Backpack rain cover
  • Plasters
  • Playing cards
  • Bottle opener
  • Hiking boots
  • Swimming goggles
  • Wet wipes
  • Resealable bags

And of course, you will need a backpack to carry everything – lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to review the best Interrail backpack options out there.

Is it safe?

Germany is typically seen as a very safe place to visit, thanks to its status as a highly developed nation and its highly-functioning infrastructure.

Nonetheless, make sure you don’t take any unnecessary risks – try to avoid walking alone at night, particularly in cities, and keep your valuables safely stored in your bag (while keeping your bag safely on your back).

You can get more detailed advice from our Interrail safety guide. If you want to travel with complete peace of mind, and make sure you are covered in case of illness, injury, accident or theft, we recommend getting World Nomads Travel Insurance. Endorsed by Interrail and Eurail, this company prides themselves on being ‘by travellers, for travellers’, and offer extremely fair rates for their travel insurance policies.

Interrail and Eurail Germany – get your Pass today!

Germany is a fantastic choice of destination for your Eurail or Interrail Journey – you can easily spend a month or more exploring this country using the Interrail Germany Pass, or grab an Interrail or Eurail Global Pass to see it as part of a wider trip involving other countries.

There’s no good reason not to, so get your Pass today and enjoy travelling with Interrail!

Viel glück!

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