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InterailGuide.com would be nothing without the heartbeat of a solid team behind it. All of us have experienced travelling in Europe in some form, at some time.

It is our passion for travel, for new experiences, and for adventure, that makes us love working on this site so much. Helping fellow travellers is something that comes part and parcel with any trip, and we love being able to do it even when we aren’t on the move ourselves.

So who are we? Read on to find out…

Full Disclosure

InterRail Journey is supported through referrals. Some of the Passes, hotels and activities that we mention pay a small fee to us for every potential customer we recommend.

However, this does not in any way affect the recommendations that are made and we strive to be fully objective in everything we do.

How we work

Here at InterRail Guide we work to provide all of the information and tools necessary to plan the best InterRail trip you can possibly imagine.

We do this by offering:

  • Guides to each destination including
    • Places to stay
    • Things to do and see
    • Best ways to meet people
  • Easy comparison of different InterRail Passes, enabling you to
    • Get the InterRail Pass that you need
    • Save money with exclusive discounts
  • The latest news and most up to date advice regarding travelling in Europe

About InterRail-Journey.com

InterRail Journey is a website for European travellers to research and plan their trip to Europe, before making bookings and arrangements such as purchasing an InterRail Pass.

Run by a small but dedicated team of travellers both past and present, we do everything we can to help you to plan the most wonderful and amazingly fantastic InterRail experience possible.

Rachel Thomas

Rachel Thomas

Specialism: Activities

With her Bachelors’ degree in Tourism, Rachel’s qualification to work in the travel industry speaks for itself. At 24 years old, she is one of the younger members in our team, but her pinboard is still very impressive – as well as travelling all over Europe for several months in 2015, she has also explored parts of Asia and South America.

Now she works at Interrail Guide, which she loves as it allows her the freedom to travel whenever she likes, as long as she brings back something nice for the rest of us!

Allie Stephens

Allie Stephens

Specialism: Accommodation

Allie (short for Alison) is the newest member of the InterRail Journey team. She joined us fresh from her very own post-university InterRail trip, and keeps us all up to date with the latest trends regarding places to see and stay. Allie studied Business in Paris, and her Parisienne nature has infected the office – we are now constantly awash with delicious breakfast pastries, and the place smells like fantastic coffee all the time.

No complaints here!


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